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Nari Variable

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Nari In Use

Experimental & Variable Typeface


NEXT Festival

Identity and Exhibition Graphics / collaboration with Marc Choi


Ellora Display

Display Typeface


Collection 2023

Book Design / Collaboration with Marc Choi

Typeface Design / Indian Type Foundry 

Revival Typeface     

Flag in the Map

Book Design / Gilbert Baker Foundation

Book Design

Crafting Resilience

Wordmark and Program Design / Center for Craft 

Serial Discriminators

Book Design / Unlock NYC

PRH Playbook

Report Design / Penguin Random House

Future of Food

Digital Illustrations / Relish Works

Illusion of Choice

Book Design / Unlock NYC

Unravel the Code

Exhibition Graphics / MICA

Craft School

Letterpress Poster / Shelter in Place Gallery

Rising Leadership

Custom Logotype

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