#GBV In Media


As part of a campaign by Feminism in India (FII), for sensitive reportage of Gender—Based Violence in Media, I contributed in the form of imagery, to a media ethics toolkit. These set of illustrated images are part of the #GBV in media open source toolkit, intended to be used for gender-sensitive journalism when reporting on gender-based violence.

According to FII: A large part of our critique(of gender based violence reporting) has focussed on the stock images used by Indian newspapers to report rape and other forms of GBV, depicting women as cowering away from looming hands, or running away in tears from a larger-than-life shadow, or being physically assaulted and silenced. Most of these visuals also portray conventionally beautiful women, adding an element of sexualisation to a horrific crime. These images reinforce the notion that women are victims who are helpless in the face of sexual predation. The perpetrator is missing in these images, removing the focus (and hence, the accountability) on him. They might also be exceedingly triggering for survivors of rape and other sexual crimes as they depict women in the moment of their violation. In our #GBVinMedia toolkit, we recommend the use of images that portray the strength and resilience of women, for e.g., images from protests or organised women’s movements, or better artwork!

Images in Use—