Aasawari  Kulkarni is a designer, educator, and writer from India. She is  Assistant Professor of Design at  Corcoran School of the Arts and Design at the George Washington University.

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Targetting young, BIPOC, infrequent readers, All Ways Black is a social campaign by Penguin Random House in Collaboration with Bookfluencer Cree Miles.

This campaign aims at celebrating black readers, creators, and authors—the infinite ways of being Black.

Client: Penguin Random House
Curated by: Cree Miles
Date: May 2021

Creative Director: Sarah Graves

Bold, confident, and authentic, the logo lock up is set in Frieght Display by Joshua Darden.  I thought it essential to the integrity of the campaign to select a typeface designed by a Black designer, Freight Display, in its beautiful contrast and sharp curves, compliments the essence of the campaign well.

Colour Pallet


Combining Frieght Display with its bold weight and the beautifully complementing Frieght Sans, helps highlight and magnify the diverse and flexible emotions of the campaign.

Graphic Elements and layering

The identity is extended with complementary patterns and motifs that together, along with the photography give a fresh yet cohesive feel to the campaign.